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Vintage Botanical Illustration by Rosa M. Towne

Vintage Botanical Illustration by Rosa M. Towne


A beautiful botanical illustration by Rosa M. Towne (1827-1909) lithograph intended for use in the book 'Plant Lore by Shakespeare'. Framed and in perfect condition.


Rosa's original paintings of Shakespeare's plants and flowers were discovered hidden behind a row of books on a shelf at Harvard University in 1967 by Richard Evans Schultz, the Director of the Botanical Museum of Harvard. They were subsequently published after painstakingly searching for a publisher that could do the illustrations justice and were then bound into a limited run of 2,500 copies of 'Plant Lore of Shakespeare'. Several hundred copies of the book were given to the Museum to sell, along with some of these unbound pages to be sold as artwork.


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Size(cm): 39.5 x 30

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