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About Our Pieces

Vintage Pieces - Treatments and Finishes 

You may notice that many of the more rustic/vintage pieces we stock such as our dough bowls, show signs of wear and tear from their previous lives, this can include signs of wood beetle (which we think is part of their charm). This is inevitable with many of these older items as they have likely been stored outside in barns for much of their lives, but please be assured that all such items are thoroughly treated and inspected by us prior to sale.

Vintage Pieces - Build

Many of our older pieces are primitive in build, with this can come imperfections such as the odd wobbly leg or slightly wonky level. Again, we will always do our best to detail this in the description so that you are aware before choosing to purchase. 

Handmade Pieces

Some of our pieces are lovingly handmade, such as our rugs and baskets. These too will each have their own little quirks and no two items will be the same. Please bear this in mind when purchasing. 

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