Huge Antique French Harvest Basket

Huge Antique French Harvest Basket


**Please be aware that shipping is not free, as checkout will state. This piece is available for collection from Suffolk, alternatively please contact us for a delivery quote (usually £30-£50 dependant on area) Thank you.


A HUGE and amazing old French basket. These baskets would originally have been used in farm settings to store their harvest and were lined with clay/mud, the remnants of which can still be seen inside the basket.


We’ve been imaging this piece in grand entrance, overflowing with flowers and foliage. Wherever it goes, you’re going to need a rather large space for it!


*Requires delicate handling due to it’s sheer size and weight and does shed some dust from the mud/clay lining when being moved. Fine once in place however.



Height - 58

Width at top (left to right) - 90

Depth at top (front to back) - 82